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San Miguel Program (Pre-School)

San Miguel currently houses seven special education classes.

Our special education preschool classes are intensive, language-enriched, programs that provide a blend of individual and small group services through a special education credentialed teacher, speech/language pathologist, and occupational therapist. Para-educators, trained and supervised by the service providers and district nurse, support students throughout the school day.  In addition, social communication is addressed through direct instruction, consultation, and training, by the speech/language pathologist, during recess, snack time, and other naturally occurring social interactions in the educational setting.

Our program is designed to support students, ages three to four. It runs Tuesday through Friday from 8:30 to 11:00 and 12:00 to 2:30.  The day includes activity-based-child-directed play and centers such as art, sensory, fine motor, blocks, and individual work tasks. The children also participate in a circle time language group which includes songs, stories, and reading/math readiness. They participate in outdoor activities, teacher directed activities, and snack time. Occupational therapy and speech therapy are embedded into the program and services occur in the classroom as well as other settings that provide naturally occurring opportunities to develop language and fine-motor skills.

The San Miguel Preschool programs use research-based curriculum that focuses on age and developmentally appropriate preschool foundation skills.  Additional information on our curriculum and California Preschool Learning Foundations can be found at the link below.

California State Preschool Foundational Skills

New 2022-2023:  San Miguel has recently opened a communication classroom specially designed for students with severe speech delays.  This program runs 2 days a week from 12:00-2:30 and provides intensive level of individual and small group speech/language services to address their unique needs in expressive communication and speech.